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Version history capella 8.0-08

capella 8.0-08 (Oct. 23, 2018)


You can download the software installer or can apply the automatic online update function.

This is how to update the software: In the Help menu select the command "Online update...". In the dialog click on "Search now". Confirm the update with "OK" and then follow the installation instructions.

New features

  • Appearance of slurs can be defined for the entire score (separately for normal/broken/dotted)
  • Appearance of ties can be defined (normal/broken/dotted; these settings can be edited for the entire score)
  • Ties with open beginning/end possible (for example for volta brackets)
  • Support of invisible clefs
  • Support of invisible time signature changes
  • Font for breath mark individually selectable
  • SMuFL support
  • New standard style „Bravura“ (SMuFL)
  • Support of handbell notation (gallery with Bravura symbols)
  • Rhythmic playing in (MIDI keyboard): low sound latency and freely selectable sound device
  • Mouse piano: Switch note entry;  as sounding / as notated (transposing instruments)
  • Switch on/off playback of tremolo bars
  • Keyboard operation of Edit area
  • Handling of score styles (import, export)
  • Background deinstallation (for network admins)
  • Hotfolder for sound fonts (for network admins)


Bug fixes and improvements


  • Position of slurs optimized (with different stem direction, notation in neighboring staff, across staves etc.); new option „ends closer to note head“; mirroring newly defined
  • Position of ties optimized (at the beginning of a staff / in certain chord constellations)
  • Note and lyrics alignment / underlines in lyrics optimized
  • Position of ledger lines optimized
  • Position of triplet brackets / octave brackets optimized (above/below notes depending on bracket shape)
  • Position of articulation signs (staccato dots etc.) optimized; strong accent can now be mirrored
  • Position of cue notes optimized
  • Optimization of collision avoidance released in version 8.0-07
  • Optimization of the feature „Beams across rests and cue notes“ released in version 8.0-07
  • Display error during clef change with notation in neighboring staff corrected
  • Display error with dotted whole measure rests corrected
  • Rest display in one-line percussion notation corrected
  • Display of graphic line objects corrected (line ends were too long)
  • Slurs across staves are now possible (the option "is an extension" was missing with this object type)
  • Problem during lyrics entry solved (unwanted mix-up of control characters)
  • Note entry with mouseclick: Cursor now moves behind the note (not in front of it)
  • Mouse piano: When swiping across the keys with pressed down mouse button the entered notes appeared in wrong order. This is corrected.
  • Mouse piano: Listening sound when briefly typing is now artificially prolonged (no staccato sound when using the track pad)
  • Note entry with switched off computer keyboard: Note length can still be edited
  • During system break there sometimes was false alarm due to asynchrony. This is corrected.
  • When inserting music symbols the music font of the score style must be used. It is defined in "Format – Score". Do not use the default style in „Preferences – General – Score styles“
  • Error corrected during entry of fixed barline: Sometimes unwanted barline duplications in other staves appeared
  • During deletion of a completely marked SystemTemplate staff capella could crash. This is corrected.
  • Judders during playback fixed (safe default setting)
  • Unwanted volume changes during playback of many voices corrected
  • Articulations (for example pizzicato) are now also considered with sound fonts
  • Sound font playback with more than 16 instruments was likely to lead to squeaky sounds. This is fixed.
  • In the Configure dialog for VST plugins/sound fonts not all commands to add new sounds and articulations worked. This is fixed.
  • Problem during MusicXML import fixed
  • Crashes during editing of graphic objects do not occur any more
  • Automatic scroll did not always work. This is fixed.
  • When using keyboard shortcuts, now "Enter" is accepted as an addition to „Return“
  • SystemTemplate editing fields for name and abbreviation: Entry is now also taken over without pressing Return/Enter
  • SystemTemplate - when a staff does not contain a barline, this is now clearly marked with a red area
  • Default size of dialogs increased (plugin dialog, CapXML dialog)
  • Display problem on High DPI screen (Windows) fixed
  • Plugins: Message boxes now also show the "Title" on Mac (within the box)
  • ScoreWizard - page numbers: With different order (even/uneven/left/right) now also „Start with“ is considered
  • Error in the printer settings memory (page format) fixed
  • Error message when opening corrupt files - no more crash instead
  • GB/UN version: capella could crash when working in dialog Format -- Notes/Rests. This is fixed.



capella 8.0-07 (July 18, 2018)


You can download the software installer or can apply the automatic online update function.

This is how to update the software: In the Help menu select the command "Online update...". In the dialog click on "Search now". Confirm the update with "OK" and then follow the installation instructions.

New features!

Here is the first free online update for capella 8 users with several new functions:

The ingenious position assistant

It's magic: Text and graphic objects, music symbols are positioned exactly.

Select your standard font

... for text objects in the mighty Extras - Settings dialog.

Improvements in notation

... and in lyrics for a balanced, easy to read score.

capella 8 still comes without help menu and user guide. After having updated the software, however, you will find a short course making you familiar with capella's basic functions.