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Version history capella 8.0-09

Version 8.0-09, Nov. 20, 2018

This version can be installed either by download and start of the entire installation package or via the function Help - Online update.


Corrections and improvements


  • On macOS Mojave (10.14) display of broad texts did not work any more. This is fixed.
  • Invisible clefs / time signature information were not always correctly displayed. This is fixed.
  • Improved display of slurs, ties and lyrics extension signs across staves
  • Improved display of accidentals in brackets  
  • Improved positioning of the accidental # (was too far to the left)
  • In compatibility mode (dotted notes etc.) tie ends at the beginning of the stave were drawn shorter than in capella 7. This is corrected now.
  • Multi-digit numbers of whole bar rests in style "Bravura" were not displayed correctly. This is fixed.
  • Improved display of knee beams (with sixteenth and smaller notes)  
  • Setting of default text font had an unwanted effect on the volta bracket number (since capella 8.0-07). This is fixed now. 
  • Improved display of steep / vertical ties  
  • Wrong display of sixteenth notes in beam groups corrected


Operation / Editing    


  • Search for rests improved
  • Plugin „Join rests“ improved  
  • When loading certain scores capella could crash (depending on display / zoom in the SystemTemplate). This is fixed. 
  • Plugins: Python commands displayPage() and displaySystem() did not work correctly. This is fixed.
  • Measure based navigation in systems with "no measure" did not work. This is fixed.
  • When joining systems capella could crash. This is fixed.
  • Measure numbering was sometimes not updated correctly (during joining of systems). This is fixed.
  • With transposing instruments sometimes wrong key signature changes were applied. This is fixed.


MusicXML export    

  • Functional export of dynamic symbols etc. (instead of export as plain text; until now this worked only in the capella3 font) 
  • Problems with umlauts solved
  • Dynamic symbols in SMuFL font are now supported
  • Error in triple alterations (#x and bbb) corrected


PDF export    

  • During PDF export on Windows with High dpi screens scores were reduced (since High dpi support in capella 8.0-08). This is corrected now.


MIDI/Wave/MP3 export    

  • Selection and volume of voices in the playback bar (also solo mode) are now always considered (did not always work before)