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Version history capella 8.0-16

Version 8.0-16, May 11, 2021

This version can be installed either by download and start of the entire installation package or via the function Help - Online update.


Corrections and improvements


  • PDF and SVG export are now supported by Python-Plugins
  • Crash has been repaired when marking a note head and pressing cursor buttons + shift
  • Display of the Plugin info (right part in „Plugins -> Plugin…“) is fully functional
  • Song text: Beginning of the stop line now takes open syllables on the right with excess length into consideration 
  • Formal errors in capx scheme have been removed (CapXML-3.0.3.xsd)
  • „Mark all“ fully functioning
  • Crash has been repaired when transposing the entire score
  • Improvements in the Plugin text ''sum up breaks''
  • Error removed in implemantation of Plugin: ''edit bar details - ''no bar'' 
  • Crash has been repaired in input of notes when this has been marked
  • Error in MusicXML import has been repaired (bar lines)
  • Windows: setup.exe in the Installation file is now signed (impact only becomes visible after uninstalling and  reinstalling)
  • Mac: Menu item „window -> zoom“ is now fully functional