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Another new capella version available

  • Nov 8, 2012

download page

capella 7.1-13 and capella-start 7.1-13 are now available for download.

capella 7.1 users can apply the automatic online update function within the software
(Help/Online Update...).


Error corrections

  • In existing scores, 'no time signature' is displayed as before version 7.1-11.


  • For time signatures, especially 'no time signature', the reserved space is now adjustable. For any newly inserted signature of value 'no time signature' the reserved space is 0.
  • For all time signatures, invisibility can now be set. Thus, user defined optical representations of time signatures are possible.
  • If, for any reason, for clefs with octave-shift, the shape and position of the 8 is desired to have the style before capella 7.1-11, this can be made possible by editing capella.dat: In chapter [Defaults] enter a new line with content OctaveClef=legacy.

New scripts

Updated scripts will be available only in your installation folder. You can update your personal script folder using "Plug-Ins – Update Scripts...". Be sure not to overwrite your own scripts, if you have made any changes in the meantime.

  • Edit Time Signature ( by Bernd Jungmann) allows to set the properties 'invisible' and 'width'. These properties are evaluated only by capella 7.1-13 or newer.
  • Edit 'No Time Signature' Time Signatures ( by Bernd Jungmann) allows to set the property 'width' for all time signatures of value 'no time signature' in the whole score. Thus, it is possible to switch between the display mode of capella before 7.1-11 (with space reserved) and the later versions (no space reserved) for a single score.