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capella 8: First online update

  • Jul 18, 2018
New features!

Here is the first free online update for capella 8 users with several new functions:

The ingenious position assistant

It's magic: Text and graphic objects, music symbols are positioned exactly.

Select your standard font

... for text objects in the mighty Extras - Preferences dialog.

Improvements in notation

... and in lyrics for a balanced, easy to read score.


capella 8 still comes without help menu and user guide. After having updated the software, however, you will find a short course making you familiar with capella's basic functions.

This is how to update the software: In the Help menu select the command "Online update...". In the dialog click on "Search now". Confirm the update with "OK" and then follow the installation instructions.


Learn more on the capella 8 product page.