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New capella and capella-scan versions are available

  • Feb 19, 2015

capella 7.1-26, capella start 7.1-26 and capella-scan 8.0-17 are now available for download.

capella 7.1 and capella-scan 8 users can apply the automatic online update function within the software (Help/Online Update...).

download page


Corrected errors within capella

Version history capella 7

Corrected errors within capella-scan

  • New sound interface
  • After application of the Attach function (until next regular saving) the play cursor was displayed a system too far down.
  • During shifting of a group of objects with bar line, objects got lost.
  • The program froze when attaching to capella files containing Windows metafile graphics.
  • With syncopes or dotted notes within a beam group, the group was not saved as a whole.
  • Ties over bar borders were sometimes wrongly allowed.
  • Accidentals of tied notes were not always taken over to the next bar.
  • Bitmaps with certain compressions (CCITTFaxDecode with EncodedByteAlign and JBIG2 with Global Segment) were not correctly extracted from PDF files.
  • Program crash during text editing
  • During restoring of recognition levels from PDF files error messages occurred when XPDF instead of Ghostscript was preset as conversion program.