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New capella-scan versions available

  • Nov 10, 2016

capella-scan and capella-scan & play 8.0-23 is now available for download.

capella-scan and capella-scan & play users can apply the automatic online update function within the software (Help/Online Update...).


Error corrections

capella-scan and capella scan & play (Oct. 31st, 2016) with captune


  • On high-resolution displays, tool bars were too small.
  • The display error concerning dotted semibreves with tremolo bars was corrected.
  • Line spacings larger than 100 are now limited to the capella number of 100.
  • During musicXML export, in some cases 4/4 instead of C was saved.
  • A rare variant of BMP files could not be loaded.
  • In a certain rhythmic constellation, the first and third voice were switched back and forth when the rhythm was newly analyzed.
  • During restoration of the level of recognition, text style sheets were displayed in italics when they appeared exactly one time in the score.
  • The infinite loop after recognition of an exotic Unicode character was corrected.
  • capToMusic dated Oct 11, 2016.

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