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New capella versions are available

  • Jan 16, 2013

download page

capella 7.1-14 and capella-start 7.1-14 are now available for download.

capella 7.1 users can apply the automatic online update function within the software
(Help/Online Update...).

Error corrections in capella 7.1-14

  • Tied notes were displayed as tied, even if the successor note head had a different alteration than the predecessor.
  • Graphic objects with scope larger than voice, which were tied to a note immediately after a fixed barline, could be positioned incorrectly in an extracted voice view.
  • Skripts reading the duration of whole bar (measure) rests did not work correctly in scores with time signature 'no time signature'
  • When inserting a new voice, the automatically generated time signature did not care for the new properties from version 7.1-13, namely width and invisibility.
  • Every installation should now contain calibrate.cap with the hint text, that it is not necessary to save that score after calibrating.
  • In lyrics mode, keyboard inputs with ctrl key held down could lead to unwanted invisible characters in the score. These could prevent external scripts from being executed for this score.
  • When 'restoring' the main window, the cursor was not necessarily inside the visible area, and the view was scrolled to the cursor after a cursor move.
  • MusicXML files with tablature content now yield a meaningful error message on an import attempt.
  • Converting marked notes to triplets will now avoid generating triplets with only one note.
  • Beamed notes with stem direction 'without' will now have their beams hidden like the stems.
  • MusicXML export now supports time signature longAllaBreve (4/2).
  • The python routine NoteObj::Time() now yields proper values even for fixed barlines, key and clef change objects.
  • Lyrics verse numbers are now saved in proper encoding, even if they contain German umlauts or other foreign special characters.
  • When saving to .cap files, now strings from Info – Comment and Author are encoded correctly, if they contain German umlauts.
  • If a score without style setting in info – comment is opened, now capella not only uses normal style settings, but also sets the music symbols style in Extras – Options – General to the normal capella-Standard.


  • When searching for online updates, administrator privileges are no longer needed. If an update is found, they are needed as before.
  • When transposing a single note using O (or P) + arrow key, capella now automatically removes any tie connecting the note to the previous note in the same voice. So you can now remove a tie by moving the successor note one step up and then down again.

Changed scripts

Updated scripts will be available only in your installation folder. You can update your personal script folder using "Plug-Ins – Update Scripts...". Be sure not to overwrite your own scripts, if you have made any changes in the meantime.

  • Chord symbol --> chord ( by Paul Villiger) has been supplemented by Peter Becker, added option 'Replace rhythm'.