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New capella versions are available

  • Mar 17, 2014

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capella 7.1-21 and capella-start 7.1-21 are now available for download.

capella 7.1 users can apply the automatic online update function within the software
(Help/Online Update...).

Error corrections Version 7.1-21, March 17th, 2013:


  • In percussion voices, sound maps have been ignored during audible note entry and during note shift with keys O or P + Arrow since version 7.1-16.
  • If the sound for audible note entry was chosen from the SystemTemplate, and was realized by a VST-plugin, the response times could grow inadequately for scores with many different instruments.
  • If a staff started with an incomplete measure, in some cases beamlets could point into the wrong direction. Furthermore, automatic beam grouping was not always correct there.
  • Simple text elements with frame could loose their non-default frame distance after copy and paste.
  • In MusicXML export some special cases in tuplets have been corrected. Moreover, a flaw in tempo export has been fixed.
  • Automatic filler rests were processed inadeqately under some odd time signatures like 5/8.
  • Some python scripts could make capella crash when undoing them.
  • If systems were joined, and the second system contained a stave with more voices than the first, the stem direction of the surplus voices got lost in the joined system.
  • If systems were joined, and the first contained an all empty voice, an error message 'illegal argument' could appear.
  • After ties over measure boundaries, accidentals could be mistakenly suppressed in some situations.
  • The keyboard commands Ctrl+Home and Ctrl+End now move the cursor definitely always to the first (or after the last) note object of the first (or last) voice of the first (or last) system.
  • The dialog lyrics – edit in window can show foreign characters correctly now.
  • For freeform text fields, entering music symbols via the S toolbar entry has been corrected.



  • The captune options now include an additional page for details of MIDI-export.
  • The documentation has been revised. Amongst others, a section about the MIDI-export options, and a section on special character input in all kinds of text have been added.
  • Ties over fixed barlines are now handled similarly to ties over automatic barlines in many situations.
  • Ties across key changes are now displayed correctly.
  • If you insert a rest between tied notes, the tie is now automatically broken.
  • In the status bar, the display of total accumulated note values of all notes/chords/rests to the left of the cursor now takes into account, if the first measure has been continued from the previous system.
  • In File – Page Setup there is now a warning, if separate page margins for odd and even pages are unified accidentally.

Improved captune 6.0-06

  • Some very special type of capella files could lead to a crash when loading.
  • On MIDI export, lyrics for repeats were sometimes taken from the wrong verse.
  • For voices played on the MIDI percussion channel, chords were played not completely, but only with their upmost note.
  • Reloading the VST-Konfiguration file (*_captune.ini) is now working without having to start capella anew.
  • In the captune settings, on the "Instruments" tab the checkbox text "Use only default sound for playback (see Playback Devices)" has been changed to "The text on the Same sound for all instruments (Playback Devices | Default sound)".
  • In some situations, 32th grace notes have been played incorrectly.

Changed scripts in installation

Updated scripts will be available only in your installation folder. You can update your personal script folder using "Plug-Ins – Update Scripts...". Be sure not to overwrite your own scripts, if you have made any changes in the meantime.

The script append capella score ( has been corrected for scores that contained the & sign in text objects.