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Possibilities and limitations of capella audio2score

With capella audio2score we offer a really innovative, high quality and useful tool. However, the needs or expectations that a user has sometimes do not match what the program does. That is why we would like to explain here where you could identify deficits.

Please use the opportunity to test capella audio2score for 15 days free of charge before purchasing!

This is what capella audio2score can do:

  • Recognition of any instrumental recording
  • Automatically arrange sheet music for different ensembles (piano, string quartet, wind quintet and more) - independent of the original
  • Tuning, key and barline detection (correctable if desired)

This is what capella audio2score can not do:

  • Do not expect 1:1 recognition of a complex score.The result is more like a short score or piano reduction (depending on the settings).
  • Singing can lead to a worsening of the result (artifacts) and is not notated on its own staff (mixing with the instrumental notes).

On many recordings (pop songs) the vocals can be suppressed, and then the accompaniment can be recognized without vocals but with good quality.