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Feature list capella playAlong

Facts: capella playAlong - an overview

Feature list
Creates play-along and sing-along CDs easily and in no time at all
Imports capella files, Midi files and Music XML files (from any notation or sequencing program that supports the format, e.g. from Finale ®, Sibelius ® etc.)
A wonderful, incredibly simple user interface with assistant design
The user's own part (or several parts) can be highlighted, lowered in volume or removed altogether
Dynamic symbols (forte, piano etc.), repeats, articulations are taken from the score
The software can be adjusted to meet any practice speed
Takes over many sound details (ornaments, articulations, dynamics) via capella-tune
Transpositions available in different keys (singers sometimes sing deeper, beginners prefer to play in G-major than in G flat major...)
Metronome function available to count in or as permanent accompaniment
Tuning assistance for singers and instrumentalists
Excellent sound quality regardless of the PC's sound card
Supports the capella Vienna orchestra
Supports also other VST and DXi sample players
Swing quantization which allows you to adjust the playback style
Freely definable echo effects
Supports external echo plug-ins for VST and DXi
Efficient profile management for serial production of similar CDs
Users can print out their own parts with capella reader. Free download of capella reader here.
Many finished CD projects for beginners, for more advanced users and for professional musicians included; additional projects available free on the internet; your own individual projects can be created in no time at all drawing on the 7,500 scores from our score library.
Clear, comprehensible manual as PDF document. No printed manual.
General information
capella playAlong must be activated within 30 days after installation