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Unexpected possibilities with capella playAlong

capella playAlong offers you unexpected possibilities

You are free to play each solo part yourself! The software comes complete with 7,500 scores encompassing every level from easy to challenging!

On the rare occasion when there is no capella score readily available for a specific piece of music, you can transform any sheet music into a capella score using capella-scan (not included)!


  • If you're not in the mood to be a soloist: Play one of the orchestral parts in one of Beethoven's symphonies "quietly and unobtrusively"!
  • If you are a member of a church choir and need to practice: You can add your voice to the others by singing it at home to the CD!
  • Are you a leader of a choir or orchestra? Create a CD for all the parts in no time at all. All you have to do is remove the soprano, alto, tenor, bass or an instrument of your choice one after the other. The whole process is completed in a matter of seconds.
  • Would you like to practice improvising? Then simply create a CD with a swinging rhythm section!
  • Would you like to play more than one part one after another for yourself or for others? Simply create a CD with the same piece and remove a different part in each version!
  • We've all been there: You want to play a part but the third member of the trio is missing. Well now you can let capella playAlong play the missing viola in a string trio, while you play cello along with your real-life violinist.

capella plus one

You can also do the opposite: Create a CD (you can also do this for other members of the choir) on which your own voice is stressed while the volume of the other voices is reduced. Once you are sure that you have mastered your part, switch over to capella playAlong and reduce the volume of your part until it is very quiet compared with the other voices. Do this until you can remove your voice altogether. The next time you arrive for choir/orchestra practice, you'll be assured of admiring applause!