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Eighth rest or smudge

Of course you know that text recognition programs do not always work completely error-free. This applies for note recognition programs as well.

Our experience shows that with many scores we achieve a 100 % recognition. With more complex ones, still more than 97 % are recognized.

However, there are scores such as handwritten ones which will produce unsatisfactory results.
If the software does diagnose an eighth rest for a smudge, you can edit it out using the same capella-scan start program. It comes equipped with intelligent tools for this very purpose. The whole process is very fast and takes only a few minutes for medium-sized scores, sometimes only seconds!

All in all, you will find using this powerful note-recognition software extremely useful. Depending on how fast you work, typing out sheet music manually takes between 20 and 100 times longer than using capella-scan start!

PDF scores

You will find many PDF scores on the Internet. However, please note that they might have been created in two different ways. Some of these files are scores which were written with a modern notation software and were then exported to PDF. capella-scan start will recognize those files almost perfectly.

Other scores were scanned as sheet music and then saved as PDF. These are often old editions, copied, yellowed, worn, added notes on them... The performance of capella-scan start might then be limited by the quality of this PDF.