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capella score reader App

Read and listen to music scores anywhere at any time

capella reader as free app


capella score reader App

Open your scores and read, listen, practice, study, play music always and everywhere. Practice your choir or orchestra part. As director, study scores. Use capella score reader as digital music stand. capella score reader is the latest capella family member for mobile devices.

Uniquely versatile

The capella score reader app is the universal score reader for

  • capella files (*.cap and *.capx)
  • MusicXML files
  • MIDI files

View, listen, practice, share

capella score reader

  • opens and displays these files
  • plays them back, also solo voices
  • exports and shares


capella score reader App

capella score reader comes in the look and feel of the new version 8.

  • completely new, modern design
  • elegant and smooth operation
  • optimized also for touch screen interface
  • for iOS and Android

capella score reader will revolutionize your rehearsals!

The musical works to be rehearsed are often available as capella, MusicXML or MIDI files. As choir or ensemble director you can now directly distribute them to your ensemble. The members read, listen and practice with the free capella score reader app.

Whoever now comes to rehearsal and is not well-prepared buys a round!