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Note entry - either way

Smart and easy

Note entry is more complicated than text? Not with capella! With the help of the central note entry window this is an easy task. No matter if you prefer the mouse piano or the computer keyboard (C for C, D for D, 4 for 1/4 etc.) - here you see all infos and settings at a glance.

[Image: Montage]

"Tinkling mode": Switch off note entry and fiddle around - the note display will remain unchanged.

The sustain key writes chords

This is brilliant: Simply keep the sustain key pressed down additionally - [AltGr] in Windows, [ctrl] on Mac -Das ist genial: Einfach die Haltetaste zusätzlich festhalten - [AltGr] in Windows, [ctrl] auf Mac - and the next notes will not  be notated next to each other but as chord. Shortly release the sustain key: The cursor will move on. This is how easy chord entry works in capella -with two fingers or with the mouse piano.

Mouse entry rethought

It even works when you cannot read music: Simply click on and between the lines with the mouse. The notes will automatically form a chord when you click vertically and a melody when you click horizontally. As easy is moving notes up and down with the mouse. Watch the video:



Rhythmic playing in - a new experience

Groovy: Rhythmic playing in with the keyboard was redesigned.

Watch the video: