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This is new

This is new

If you know the previous version capella start 7 you can look forward to these new features:

  • Version for Mac available
  • The start screen welcomes you with information and news. Easy navigation to the next step.
  • Modern design: Clear and tidy
  • Edit area on the right: Here, editing options present themselves depending on the context. Still, old habits were not neglected.
  • Animated mouse piano displayed the played notes - during note entry and playback.
  • Animated page turning
  • Improved lyrics entry
  • Advanced selection (mark blocks)
  • Soundfonts for playback
  • Convenient playback bar with tempo control, progress bar and duration
  • Interactive SystemTemplate
  • New mouse entry: Click notes directly into the stave
  • Mouse correction: Shift notes upwards and downwards with the mouse
  • "Sustain pedal" for chord entry
  • Search in
  • Redesigned rhythmic playing in with the keyboard
  • PDF export

This remains unchanged:

  • a maximum of four staves per system
  • a maximum of two voices per staff
  • a maximum of 100 measures per file
  • no plugins
  • further restrictions

View the entire feature list here.

Free trial version for download