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Import & Export

Import & Export (I)

capella uses its own CapXML format and imports and exports MusicXML files. This feature facilitates import of score sheets from Finale® or Sibelius® while maintaining their layout as far as it complies with MusicXML specifications.

Import & Export (II)

capella can read standard Midi files (format 0 and 1) and write format 1. This means that the entire Midi world is available as both source and target for all your score printing and music publishing needs.

Import & Export (III): Graphics

You can insert any graphic object or image that has been created using other Windows applications into your capella score via the copy-and-paste function. Conversely, you can export the capella score (also in color) using any of the common graphic file formats.

Import & Export (IV): Web-Publishing

As far as your capella scores are concerned, the Internet is only a few mouse clicks away. capella's web site export does not require you to have any knowledge of coding web sites. Click the icon on the toolbar and within no time you have a completely formatted web page displaying your score and with an embedded player. Visitors to your web site can therefore listen to your work however large it might be. Automatically embedded links allow the visitor to flip through all pages of a large score.

Import & Export (V): PDF

capella 8 comes with a direct PDF export. Share your scores with a few mouseclicks!

Import & Export (VI): MP3

Send rehearsal MP3s to your fellow musicians in no time at all!