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How tonica pop composes

You write the melody of a song - old, new or your own.
Then tonica pop will arrange for you:

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Here you see and hear
"Oh Susanna" in Salsa style




Here is the well known "Auld Lang Syne" with a Rock pattern

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To the left you see and hear the German folk song "Alle Voegel sind schon da" as Tango

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To the right you can see and hear "Plaisir d'amour" as Waltz

tonica pop comes with more styles.

You can also compose a piece of music without melody voice solely basing on the harmonization. This is relevant for Pop and Jazz as here, you typically start with a lead sheet and compose or improvise the melody later.

Try  it out with the free 15-day trial version!

All score displays on this site were edited with capella. The unchanged arrangements were done by tonica pop.