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Feature list tonica start

Facts tonica start - an overview:

Multi-part score for given melody
Automatic determination of important sections of the melody (phrases)
Melody voice selectable: Each voice can be melody voice
Harmonization styles from baroque (Bach, Scheidt) to modern style (Jazz/Pop)
Chord symbols (C#7, Gmaj7 etc.)
Harmonization rhythm can be selected
Tempo can be selected
Instrumentation can be selected from 12 templates, up to 8 voices
CapXML import and export
MIDI import
MusicXML import and export
"Wizard" design: Get to the result step by step
PDF export
Works together with capella, but capella is not required
Multi-step undo and redo
Direct capella interface: Edit your score in capella with a mouse click
PDF manual available
tonica start must be activated within 30 days after installation