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What is new for you in capella 8

If you worked with an older capella version, capella 7 oder 6, then you will see several innovations and new features in capella 8. We would like to present some of them here.

Many things are much easier in capella 8. However, if you do not find a feature and if it is not presented here, please write us an E-mail!

If necessary this list will be enlarged.

Start screen

...welcomes you when you start the program

New surface

This is what it looks like

New SystemTemplate

Everything under control

New sound

Here comes the Soundfont technology!

New position assistant

Place objects exactly

A matter of preferences

For example default font

Where are the symbol bars?

Neat and tidy...

Where is playback?

Listen to the music...

Where is the gallery?

... moved!

Collision avoidance

...has become a lot better!

Mac function keys

Please note...

Help does not work

... happens in rare cases under Windows.



If you don't find your answer in program help, FAQ's or videos on our website or if you need individual support, then write us an eMail or chat with us. There's also the option to start a web conference.

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