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Help does not work

Some Windows users have the problem that in capella 8 the help menu [F1] can not or only partially be opened. Message: "My Qt Assistant does not work..."

This problem originates from the system's graphic driver and appears on some computers only.

Open the Windows Control panel and then the Device Manager. Select the graphic card. View the details. Probably you will read "The device is working properly".

Select "Driver" and then "Update driver...". Follow the instructions.

In case the update does not solve the problem or in case Windows denies it with the information "The optimum driver software... is already installed" or "The driver software is up-to-date" please visit the websites of your graphic card producer and search for up-to-date drivers for download.

If all this does not help:

We observed that some computers have two graphic cards: One "on board" and an additional one. The Der On-board graphic chip is sometimes obsolete and causes the problem. capella works fine with the other graphic card. In the Windows control panel you can specify that capella is to cooperate with the working graphic card only. This preference must be valid for both applications: capella and "My Qt Assistant". If you need more information please contact us.