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Start screen

When starting capella a friendly start screen welcomes you with ...

  • information and news: You see at once if there is anything new and have short distances to our website the help menu, your customer account and more service offers.
  • a PDF user guide, only one mouseclick away.
  • menu "Open file": You select between your existing scores (with preview function) or a news empty score.
  • a number of provided templates for common orchestrations. In the course of time you will find templates you defined yourself in there as well.
  • examples which are especially interesting when you are a capella beginner. Here there's a preview as well.
  • the Musicalion search function directly connects you with the wellknown online score library with tens of thousands of scores. With the free one-month introductory membership you can search for scores, view and download them without having to leave capella. After this period of time, further use of Musicalion will be fee-based but just as convenient.