Deep Links

What are Deep Links?

Files that are linked with a deep link can be opened directly in the capella score reader App on mobile devices, without downloading or asking.

This enables a smooth switch between browser and app. If the app is not yet installed on the mobile device, it will be forwarded to the Apple or Google Store, from which the app can be installed.

We use deep links in our score library. From there, tap on composer or title of the displayed scores on your mobile device.

Deep links are also used on some websites of providers of external capella collections such as Musicalion.

Deep Links in Samsung Browser

Most mobile browsers automatically support deep links. There is a special feature in the Samsung browser, which is preinstalled on newer Samsung mobile devices. The deep links only work in this browser if you check the box under "Settings -> Useful functions -> Open links in other apps" in the browser.

This tick is reset when the operating system is updated, so it has to be set again afterwards.

Deep Links in Firefox

Deep links only work in Firefox if you check the box under "Settings -> Open links in apps".