Crossgrade - Switch from your music notation program to capella

Why capella

capella is one of the most popular music notation programs. For more than 25 years capella has been standing for high quality and excellent usability.

capella offers:

  • Continuity in development. Our developers are free authors who have been working together as a team for many years. Regular updates keep our software in step with the latest developments.
  • A huge number of ready-to-use scores in capella format. The widespread MusicXML format is accepted as well. PDF files can be converted via capella-scan.
  • A family of additional products that perfectly complement music notation and help you arrange, practice and rehearse.
  • A licensing model that meets your needs, e. g. for schools, clubs, churches. No subscription.

How to order

If you decide to accept our crossgrade offer, please fill in this form:

Order form

If there are questions or you need more information, please contact us by email or phone.

What you want to know from us

After switching to capella can I still use my old files?

The exchange between different music notation programs is possible using the MusicXML format. All major programs can export and import MusicXML - capella as well.

What about scanning music?

Some music notation programs come with an integrated scan engine, capella does not. We therefore offer two crossgrade options: A bundle of capella and capella-scan, or only capella. You will get the latest and most powerful versions.


What does this cost?

For users switching to capella-software we offer the bundle of capella (Mac and Windows) and capella-scan (Mac and Windows) at the special price of US$ 340,- (instead of US$ 466,- ).

If you prefer to switch only to the notation software capella, we offer it at a special price of US$ 176,-.

Are there updates?

Our programs include regular free updates installed with your permission. At larger time intervals we offer new versions including new features which are subject to a charge. Older program versions are not updated any more but will be supported for a long time.

On how many computers can I install the software?

Non-commercial users who do not share their programs may install the same license at no extra cost on a second private computer. Our programs must be activated after licensing.

Who receives the crossgrade offer?

Our offer is directed in particular to Sibelius and Finale users. You already need a paid version of these programs. Free versions do not apply. If you want to switch from other programs, please contact us.

Which operating systems are supported?

capella is available for Mac and Windows, capella-scan is available for Windows only. If you want to work with both programs on your Mac, then you may apply tools to create a virtual environment for the scanning software.