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Perfect notation

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Perfect Notation

With capella you can instantly create complete scores ...

No other notation program will take you by the hand and gently guide you towards your first own score in the manner in which capella does it. There is no need to be fully computer literate - you just follow your musical imagination and capella does the rest. Within no time you will have completed your first score sheet.


Mac version

Finally capella is available for Windows and for Mac. Both versions are developed parallelly and have identical functions.

When ordering capella you don't have to make a distinction between Windows or Mac version. Only when downloading you need to select the appropriate system.

capella is everywhere

In the country of Beethoven, Bach and Reger, capella has become the de facto standard for notation editors amongst musicians from all walks of life.

  • Impressive range of features
    For a detailed list see below.
  • Unique concept
    While beginners will immediately be able to record their creative ideas, professionals will continue to enjoy the immense depth of features and possibilities.
  • Professional print results
    ... as good as they came from traditional notation craftsmen.
  • Affordability
    capella's value for money is unsurpassed.

Notation solutions for professionals and hobbyists

User-friendly operation

Edit area to the right: All elements are displayed in a clear layout depending on the context.

The start screen...

... welcomes the user with information and latest news. Simple navigation to the next work step.

Five easy ways to enter notes

Entering notes

Listening and playback

capella supports the unique capella-tune technology, putting you in complete control of capella's tonal palette. Ornaments like trills, dynamic gradations, support for capella Vienna orchestra, echo effects and playback according to swing or Waltz rhythms are all reflected during playback.

With capella you are using the Soundfont technology. This way you are not depending any more on the mediocre MIDI sounds of a sound card or on expensive sound libraries. You simply load the soundfont which you like best. Many of them are free.

Interactive SystemTemplate

The SystemTemplate is the "floor plan" for your score. Here, the most important features are determined.

All this happens in the left area - very intuitively to operate. Spacings, brackets, barlines across staves are all dragged with the mouse. Names are entered on the spot. Sounds are selected from the list - and much more. Really comfortable!

Adding graphics to the score

Graphic objects are selected from pre-defined pallets using the mouse. Experts can define their own individual pallets from the symbols available in capella's character set.

Versatile graphic objects

All graphic objects can be scaled, stretched and compressed and can be placed in front or behind the notes. This way for example watermarks covering the entire page can be placed underneath the score.

Search for scores on Musicalion

capella has direct connection to the online score library Here, you search and find scores for download - you can choose from around 38,000 scores! And you don't even need to leave capella to do so.

... and upload to Musicalion

Now it is very easy to share music on Musicalion as you can directly upload your score from capella. Musicalion works on mutual terms: When you deliver scores, you pay less for your membership.

capella file format is the standard

Because more than 300,000 registered users are already working with capella, capella's file format has become the standard as far as notation programs are concerned. Indeed, you will find thousands of free scores in private collections across the Internet.

Import & Export

Don't buy a pig in a poke!

Form your own impression: Download the current version here and test the software to your heart's content. This 15-day trial version has no limit in functionality.

Facts: capella - an overview

Feature list

System requirements

Windows 8.1, 10
macOS (from 10.10 to 11)


Customer service

Personal product consulting

+49 5608 / 3923
From Monday to Friday: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
From Monday to Thursday: 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.