Extensions in music notation

Coda systems

To place two staves next to each other (coda): Place the cursor in the coda system and activate the Coda switch in the edit area.

Such coda systems are also handled correctly in voice extraction.

Small note heads

It is also possible to create small individual heads within a chord (ossia representation, only to be played if necessary).

To adjust the size of a head, mark it with the left mouse button and press the Small button in the edit area.

Note heads in neighboring staff

Notate individual heads of a chord in the neighboring staff.

To adjust the location of a head, select it with the left mouse button and choose Format -- Notes/Rests -- Heads from the menu. Change the Notation in adjacent staff for single heads setting there.

Also new: Rests can now be moved to the adjacent staff (Format -- Notes/Rests -- Rests menu).

Stem length

Note stems that protrude from the staff (typical for polyphonic notation) are automatically shortened - as is common practice in music notation.

If this is not desired, the feature can be overridden under Format -- Score - Compatibility.

Also new: The adjustment of the stem length, including  the manual change via Format -- Notes/Rests -- Notes -- Stem, is now done in finer resolution (1/4 line spacing).