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Feature-List capella-scan capella-scan start
For Windows
For macOS
Uses mathematical morphology technology for lightning-fast and precise recognition of notes, accidentals, keys, bar lines, slurs, ties, repeat boxes, crescendo signs, dynamics, articulation signs etc.
Directly scans your scores
Graphic import: BMP, TIFF, PNG, GIF
PDF and PostScript import: Recognizes multi-page PDF scores!
Supports digital camera images: Just take a snapshot of your score and have capella-scan turn it into a Midi or capella file.
Recognizes small and large notes (cue notes, grace notes, normal notes), as well as small and large staves (piano score)
Plots recognized notes directly onto the sheet music
Live export preview: Corrections immediately visible.
Recognizes text (also Gothic print): Lyrics, title, headers, footers, musical symbols (f, p), crescendo etc.
Dictionaries for the most important languages included. More to download.
Recognizes information specially for capella's score layout
Integrated player: plays back the recognition status - meaning you hear immediately when something is not as is should be
Offers intelligent and intuitive help for the error correction process
Manages poor score quality ("holey" staffs)
Excellent voice management system even for very complex sheet music
CapXML export: This format offers a universal XML-interface for third party programs One voice, max. 100 measures
Midi export: capella-scan can be used in conjunction with all Midi-compatible music programs One voice, max. 100 measures
Wave and MP3 export One voice, max. 100 measures
MusicXML export: Notation editors like Finale®, Sibelius® and others can read this international standard file format almost perfectly, including the complete score layout One voice, max. 100 measures
Infinitely variable zoom function for lightning-fast navigation
Ability to attach scanned sheets to existing capella score: creating larger scores  
Is able to read in oversized scores up to format A3 in landscape format on A4 scanners and automatically connect  page sections even with interrupted systems.
Handles two column scores (song book pages)
Enables clear stave line allocation; also from varying systems
Automatic image optimization as to brightness, resolution etc.
PDF manual (about 100 pages) available as download
capella-scan must be activated within 30 days after installation