How tonica fugata composes

You compose the melody of a song, hymn, piece of music, canon or fugue.
tonica fugata does the rest!

Melody Happy Birthday

With a mouseclick and within seconds, tonica fugata will write a complete multi-voice harmony. Above, the composition style "Johann Sebastian Bach II" was selected.

Instead of a "plain" piece this can also be a prelude,  canon, Jazz composition or  fugue. Test it yourself with the15-day trial version!

Happy Birthday, 4 voices

Happy Birthday, Variation

By mouseclicking "Variation", tonica fugata  will turn it into a prelude.

tonica fugata comes with particularly beautiful, virtuous  prelude styles.

Listen to "Happy Birthday" as quartet.

And if you want it to be a little more complex, have a complete fugue composed for you! Here is an example of a five-voice organ fugue:

Five-voice organ fugue