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Entering Notes

PC Keyboard — quick and easy

Use your PC keyboard like a typewriter, i.e. the C key on the keyboard is used to notate the note C. You can listen to the notes as they are entered. In combination with another key you can change note value, octave and accidental.

Real-time and step-entry notation using your Midi keyboard

While you play on your Midi keyboard, capella creates the score. You can enter in real-time or step-entry mode. With real-time entry you play a polyphonic piece in the correct rhythm. The quantizing capability of capella will iron out minor irregularities. One more mouse click and your recording is confirmed: Your ideas have been set as a score.

Mouse notation

Simply place the notes onto the staff using the mouse.


Simply click on the MousePiano's keys to enter notes. Here too, notes are entered lightning fast using the built-in note entry aids ("zebra-crossing mode", shortcut key).



The MousePiano shows the played notes - during note entry and during playback.

File import

capella imports type 0 and 1 Midi files. Also, it imports MusicXML files as created by Sibelius, Finale and others. They contain the entire score design.