Feature list capella melody trainer

These are all the functions of capella melody trainer:

Free practicing
Feedback about pitch course, vibrato and exactness
intuitive, colored display in realtime
Practicing of single notes or intervals
Display of overtones
This way: practicing of timbre, embouchure and overtone singing
Practicing with score
Import of any capella file (cap/capx) or Midi file (mid; format SMF-0/1)
Over 100 example files included (capella files): Selected pieces for singing, string instruments, wind instruments, oboe, flute – from plain Christmas carol to large solo concert with orchestra accompaniment – allow you to start practicing directly
Single or multiple voice scores (voice to be practiced plus accompaniment, Karaoke)
Splitting of chords into voice to be practiced plus accompaniment
Supports lyrics; colored highlighting of syllables if desired
Compares your recording with the target notes; graphic feedback in different colors
Rating of each single note and total rating
Playback in any tempo
Recording in any tempo
Simultaneous playback of target notes, accompanying voices and your recording
At the same time free switching on/off or mixing of all voices and determination of instruments (Karaoke)
Metronome (configurable sound and strike interval); counting-in function
Specific correction / practicing of single notes or small passages
Optional auto-adaption to the octave register
Display of notes as score or piano roll
Many different view modes and optical mixing of single components (piano background, notes, pitch course, semitone boxes,…)
Sight-reading course
Contains 100 lessons for your self-control
Learn and refine reading music and sight-reading step by step
Didactically structured with increasing level of difficulty
Complements the German book „Singen auf den ersten Blick“ published by Schott-Musikverlag
Rating of each single lesson and clearly arranged overall view
Specification of pitch tolerance (level of difficulty)
Graphic pointer instrument for pitch display
Mouse mode: Acoustic analysis by playback with mouse movement, until freezing of the sound
Graphic magnifier to make details visible
Loop playback
Adjustable tuning (concert pitch a)
Supports transposing instruments (shift notation – sound)
Any transposition (shift notation – sound)
Training of different clefs
Suitable for singing and single-voice instruments (acoustic or electric)
All feedback in realtime
Mouse piano
Detailed documentation (online help and PDF), video
Modern surface
capella melody trainer must be activated within 30 days after installation