Best overview in capella

The control center

The edit area - everything you need for quick access:

edit area on the right

The edit area on the right always shows you the properties and commands you will need. When you select notes, the appropriate properties appear. For selected text objects, you will see different ones. Text objects are edited and designed directly in the edit area.

Extended selection and multiselection

You determine what is marked. Highlight a section, staff, system, or a section of a system. The marker does not have to stop at the end of the staff.


A marked section can be played as a loop.

Why only choose one?

If several notes should have the same property, simply mark them at the same time - even if they are not next to each other.


The same applies to text objects, music symbols, graphics: you can mark them together and e.g. give them the same font or color in one step. Or move them together.

Dialog preview

Preview your changes: change settings, the result appears immediately.

(Not available in capella start)

Vorschau ein/aus



... are edited in place - or in the comfortable editor. You can change fonts, sizes, spacing on the right in the edit area.

lyrics editor below

The mouse piano plays along

The mouse piano shows the notes played - during note entry and playback.