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New in tonica fugata

Available for Mac

The most important innovation in tonica fugata 13 is that the software runs on Mac.  Other important features are a new unser interface and a score display closely based upon the one in capella 8.

The start screen

Same as in capella 8, tonica welcomes the user with a start screen displaying information and news and enabling the user to open files, templates and examples.

Score display and note entry

Score display and note entry were adapted to capella 8 which yields:

  • Modern, ready for printing score display
  • Any number of staves, up to two voices per staff, configurable via the SystemTemplate
  • Note entry options as in capella (a few restrictions)
  • Inproved rhythmic playing in as in capella
  • Easy note exchange between tonica and capella via the clipboard

Enhancement of composition and analysis algorithsm

So far tonica was restricted to a maximum of four voices. With the enhanced score display, algorithms were also enhanced to allow more than four voices. This way you can now compose an eight-part harmony, a five-part fugue or an eight-part canon.


You can now easily select the playback sound, independent of your sound card. Same as capella 8, tonica supports loading of sound libraries in sf2 format made available (some for free) on the Internet.

Contextual presentation in the composition assistant

Preferences for composition and analysis are displayed depending on the selected function and are directly editable.
Entry and analysis of harmonies is also directly possible.


As in capella, you can define the structure of the score via the SystemTemplate. Changes in the score layout are directly visible in the score.


New in tonica fugata 12

tonica has the groove...

tonica fugata 12 comes with rythmic accompanying patterns in several pop music styles. Together with pop or Jazz harmonies you won't get a "strict" composition but a cool and easy song (tonica fugata 12 contains all functions of tonica pop).