Possibilities & limitations

With capella audio2score we offer a really innovative, high quality and useful tool. However, the needs or expectations that a user has sometimes do not match what the program does. That is why we would like to explain here where you could identify deficits.


  • No recognition of percussion
  • Classical music recognition: No differentiation between individual instruments; Only the instrument groups are differentiated in the pro version according to wind instruments, strings or piano (with harpsichord, guitar). For example, a violin can be distinguished from a clarinet, but not from the cello. The automatic distribution of notes to voices within an instrument group is done according to pitch. No support for classical singing.
  • Pop music recognition: The vocals should be as clear and monophonic as possible (no chanting). The accompaniment should be as harmonious as possible (no heavy metal rock or similar). The beat should be as clear as possible for good beat recognition.
  • Time signature is detected for 4/4 and 3/4 time. Other time signatures have to be specified manually (positioning of the barlines is done automatically)
  • Currently, no time or key changes can be notated within a piece

Holistic recognition

For the holistic recognition to work, the music material should have the following prerequisites:

  1. Melody as clear as possible (instrumental or vocal)
  2. Multiple voices, homophonically harmonized accompaniment (based on the usual chords of Western music)
  3. Bass line as clear as possible

capella audio2score start does not include holistic recognition.

Trial or test version

If you are unsure whether capella audio2score is suitable for your music material before buying the program, you can try it out with the free demo or trial version.

This demo or trial version includes the full documentation.

The trial version has all the features of the full version for 15 days. After that, it falls back to a demo version. The demo version runs indefinitely with the following limitations:

  • No saving or file export as Midi / sheet music / PDF is possible.
  • The editing time of files is limited to 20 seconds and the note preview is garbled.
  • These restrictions apply only to your own audio files, not to the examples provided.