capella or capella start?

A matter of "big" or "small"

capella start doesn't have all features of the "big" version capella - but the price is unbeatable. capella offers the full range of functions - and this at a very reasonable price.

Technically spoken, capella start and capella are up to date as to the state of technology, for Windows and for Mac.

Which functions does the "small" version have? And what are the restrictions?

capella start is suitable for a small ensemble arrangement, a four-part choir arrangement or uncomplex piano works. You write a maximum of four staves per system and a maximum of two voices per stave. The maximum file length is limited to 100 bars.

If you write for a large orchestra, if you need the easy-to-use plugins, the export function and other extras, you will need capella.

Maximum four staves per system

capella start: Maximum four staves per system

Maximum two voices per stave

capella start: Maximum two voices per stave

No risk to start with capella start

Before you buy capella start, please study the feature list listing all features of both versions.

Should you find out during your work with capella start that you need the big version after all, you can make use of our upgrade offer: You pay just a little more than the price difference between the two versions. Please get back to us in an E-Mail.