capella melody trainer

Practicing with feedback

capella melody trainer

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Practicing with feedback
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Singing with Ella and Louis

Ella singingLouis singing


Look at how Louis learned to sing with capella melody trainer. He probably wanted to impress Ella...!



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Singing out of tune is history...

Übersicht capella melody trainerSomebody is listening while you are rehearsing, shows quietly but uncompromisingly where you did wrong, knows what you did well and never complains… Isn’t this the trainer you always dreamed of?!

For singers and instrumentalists

All musicians always fight for exact intonation. Wind players, string players and singers need to know before their next rehearsal or lesson that they are doing okay.

In “free practicing mode” for example, you work on intervals and scales. capella melody trainer also supports transposing instruments.

Unique: The sound magnifier

With the sound magnifier (mouse mode) you can mercilessly analyze each single note. Was it a little too high? Or just a bit flat? You can hear and see every detail.

With score

Practice with your own scores: Load the files to be practiced (Midi or capella file) and start rehearsing. capella melody trainer will give you a direct feedback.


If your file contains accompanying voices, these will be played back in any desired volume and timbre. This way you can play your solo with playback like in Karaoke.

Unlimited choice

With capella melody trainer you decide about your music selection. You don’t have to take the example scores within the software. You also don’t have to buy new scores. Simply take any capella or Midi file you scanned earlier with capella-scan, wrote with capella, received from your friends or found on the Internet. This way you have an almost unlimited selection of scores at your disposal.


System requirements

Windows 10, 11
macOS (10.11 to 12)

Dualcore-CPU, 1 GB RAM