Best connections

Musicalion search...

capella has a direct connection to the sheet music library Here you can search and find your sheet music to download from around 60,000 scores - and you don't even have to leave capella to do so.

The search for "mozart divertimento" returns 25 hits immediately - with preview:

Search on Musicalion

capella users who are not yet a Musicalion member can use a free trial. Persistent use of is not free.

... and Musicalion upload

Now it's easy to share music on Musicalion because you can upload your score directly from capella. A video shows how this is done.

Musicalion works on a reciprocal basis: If you supply sheet music, you pay less for your membership.


...extend capella with special functions.

They are well sorted, easy to reach and helpfully described here:

Plugin browser

And best of all: If you know programming, write your own Python scripts for capella.

PDF export

Export sheet music directly from capella as a PDF. Doesn't play back, but looks good!

MP3 export

This is also possible: no sheet music, but a rich sound. This means that don't need the computer to listen to your works.

As a choir or ensemble director, you can create practice tracks for your choir or ensemble (if capella reader is not an option).

File import

capella opens sheet music files from other programs: MusicXML, MIDI, capXML and cap. This is how the exchange with users of other programs succeeds.