capella reader

Display, play back and print scores for free

capella reader


Display, play back and print scores
capella score reader App


Read and listen to music scores anywhere at any time


Uniquely versatile

capella reader is the universal score reader for 

  • capella files (*.cap and *.capx)
  • MusicXML files
  • MIDI files

Display, listen to, print

With capella reader these files can be

  • opened and displayed
  • played back, also single voices
  • printed or exported as PDF

Look ahead

capella reader touch

The new capella reader presents itself already in the look and feel of a new version.

  • completely new, modern design
  • elegant and smooth operation
  • optimized for touchscreen user interface
  • great sound due  to new Soundfont-Technologie
  • for Windows and Mac


capella reader Desktop UI

capella reader will revolutionize your rehearsals!

Being a choir or ensemble director your scores are often available as capella, MusicXML or MIDI file. Now you can directly distribute these files to your ensemble members. All members read, listen and practice with the free capella reader and print out the scores themselves.

Whoever now comes to rehearsal and is not well-prepared buys a round!

Take capella reader everywhere

capella reader runs on USB stick. Simply select the USB stick as installation directory. Now you can take the stick along and start capella reader on any computer via the *.exe file.

Hint: Also copy the required scores to the USB stick!