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tonica start

The "small" tonica version

Price: 78.00 US$ 

Create compositions for 4, 5, or 8 parts

Load a melody in capella, MIDI or MusicXML format. Select a style. Then the harmonization is created by tonica, and you will get a multi-part composition or an appropriate accompaniment.


tonica start

New: Test four-part composition online!

Choose your preferred style

tonica start is the perfect solution if you need a composition quickly - for an existing, a new or your own melody. tonica offers different styles and composition options.

Instrument, harmonize, compose...

Step by step to the completed score

  • Select the instrumentation: 12 different instrumentations are available
  • Select the harmonization from various styles from the past and present
  • Then tonica start creates a smooth composition according to your settings which you can of course listen to immediately.

tonica Stile

... and export

What's next? Determine how your composition should appear on paper (layout). Export your score as a

  • capella file if you have capella, capella reader or another program from capella-software
  • MusicXML file which you can open in third-party programs
  • PDF file that you can print or pass on for printing or reading.

All details

Facts: tonica start - an overview

Feature list

System requirements

Windows 10, 11
macOS (10.11 to 13)