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capella 7: PlugIns do not work

PlugIns are small additional features which can be integrated into your capella software.

This problem occurs sometimes when an older capella version was previously installed.

This is how to solve it:

  • Open your personal capella folder (for example with Windows Explorer).
  • If you need to: Read the chapter "Your personal capella folder" in capella 7/Help/Key word search/Basic operations. In your personal capella folder you will find a subfolder "scripts".
  • Rename this folder, for example "scripts-old" (The intention is to prevent capella from finding this folder.).
  • Start capella 7 again. During program start capella will create a new script folder, fill it and the PlugIns will work.
  • If you have own scripts, copy them from the old folder to the newly created one.