Two voices (part 2)

  • Feb 28, 2017

When two voices are notated a second apart from each other and now accidentals have to be added, then space will run short. Here, special rules for placement of accidentals apply:

This is how to shift an accidental: Mark the note head - the head only! To do so keep the [Ctrl] key pressed down and click on the note head (If you are having problems please adjust the zoom setting.). Keep the key [J] pressed down and shift the accidental with the arrow keys.

When both notes are having accidentals, things will get even trickier. This rule applies: Accidentals are placed in front of the notes, each one as closely as possible to its note.

Here, the rule that accidentals are to be staggered when they are very close to each other does not apply.

When writing a chord, capella automatically observes this rule: