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Save level of recognition

When you need support.


capella-scan is not recommended for manuscripts.

Poor score recognition (1)

At first try out different scanning settings:

Poor score recognition (2)

Things will be more difficult in case your score is a pale photocopy...

Despite good recognition a symbol (such as a quarter rest) was consistently not recognized

Obviously the shape of this symbol does not correspond to common standard.

Error message: "No staves found"

You have probably scanned a grayscale image and now have to adapt the gray level value (see user guide or program help).

Realbook scores

For this edition strongly deviating from notation standard the same is valid than for manuscripts: A secure and complete recognition is unfortunately not to be expected.



If you don't find your answer in program help, FAQ's or videos on our website or if you need individual support, then write us an eMail or chat with us. There's also the option to start a web conference.

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