How does product registration and activation work?

What is product activation?

Product activation links the software to the specific PC on which it has been installed. Once activated, the software performs as before, but without time restriction.

Why do I have to activate my product?

When you purchase one of our products, you are spending your hard-earned money. It is no secret that illegal copies from all major software publishers are in use. With capella's enforced activation procedure, we are trying to stem the tide of pirated copies in circulation and thereby benefit our many "honest customers" twofold: First, we would like to insure that users who have legally obtained our software do no feel foolish for having paid for it. Secondly, we operate more efficiently by concentrating our service towards our "honest customers"; allowing us to allocate more time and resources towards individual requests.

How does product activation work?

  • Install the software.
  • After entering your license details, the software calculates a code based on your PC's hardware configuration (see below). This code is then displayed on screen. You then have to transmit to us your license details and this hardware code by following the instructions in the activation dialogue. You give us your hardware code and we give you your activation code. As simple as that!

Can I use the product without activation?

After installation with your purchased serial number, you have unrestricted use of the software for 30 days. This should give you sufficient time to complete the activation. If, for example, you install the software on a Saturday, you can use it immediately and process the activation the following Monday, but within the next 28 days.

What happens, if I exceed the 30 day limit?

After 30 days without activation, the program reverts to demo mode. It will remain in the restricted demo mode until you have successfully completed the activation procedure.

What advantages and disadvantages does product activation have for me?

No doubt, the only disadvantage is the fact, that you have to contact us. We are however convinced that the advantages far outweigh this minor inconvenience:

  • You can rest assured that you have not paid towards any pirated copies and you can be certain that we concentrate our support towards legitimate customers.
  • Our research & development division can be sufficiently funded to incorporate into upcoming releases as many requests from legitimate users as is practical.

What information is transmitted during activation?

The program's serial number, the email address and information about your PC's hardware (processor, hard disk, etc) are transmitted. We guarantee, that no personal data, no data files and no information about other installed software will be forwarded to us.

What happens, when I buy a new PC?

With a new PC or changes to the hardware on your current PC, you need to re-activate the software with us. However, the most common hardware changes on a musician's PC, namely memory upgrade and/or new sound card, will not require re-activation.

Can I remain anonymous, when I activate the software?

If you bought the retail version of the software, we will not know who you are. However, we will still use your purchased retail serial number together with your hardware code to send you your activation code. We do recommend, that you register with us as a user, to become eligible for future upgrades.

Can I activate the software on more than one PC?

In line with international copyright laws, you may activate the software only on one PC. If however, you have a PC and a notebook, and you undertake to guarantee that both computers are not simultaneously used by two different people, you may activate the program on both computers.