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Exchange scores with other musicians - part 4

  • Feb 24, 2015

You want to edit scores together with a colleague. Or a colleague is to correct your work. Or vice versa.

Both own capella

The easiest case: Both colleagues own the current capella version. Here, exchange of files for mutual editing is no problem at all.

The other case:

One owns the current capella version, the other an older one. Here, on a case-by-case basis problems might arise as the new capx format is not entirely downward compatible. Thus it might happen that in the course of exchanging files umlauts in lyrics are not displayed correctly.

Being the owner of the current program version you will try to avoid such problems by saving in an old capella format; this can be done. Most likely you will get the message "x properties of this score could not be saved in the selected file format...". Data losses might be the result. 

We recommend that all persons working together on a score own the current program version, see above.

One owns capella, the other works with third-party software

Meanwhile all well-known notation programs dispose of the MusicXML format for file import and export - capella as well. Most score properties will survive during data transfer.

The MusicXML format is permanently being developed, same as the capella MusicXML import and export. When you are experiencing improvable results, please send us your file.