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Program authors

Bernd Jungmann

Bernd Jungmann

capella and capella-scan

Mathematician and pattern detector

Baritone, choir songer, guitar, piano

Puns, rhymes, witty lyrics are his passion...

Author since 2000


Hartmut Lemmel

Dr. Hartmut Lemmel

capella-scan and capella-tune



Horn player and choir singer

Enthusiastic mountaineer and orienteer

Author since 1994


Richard Koch

Richard Koch

capella playAlong, capriccio and rondo


Master's degree in computer science and music

Plays e-bass, piano and drums


Author since 1994


Daniel Frey

Daniel Frey

tonica fugata and audite!


Computer scientist

Computer music

Mountaineer and skier

Author since 1994


Dominik Hörnel

Dr. Dominik Hörnel

tonica fugata


Computer scientist

Cellist (ADUK-Quartett)

Chess player

Author since 1997


Christian Schauß

Christian Schauß

capella wave kit, capella melody trainer


Computer scientist

Piano, violin and viola player

Kayaker and cat lover

Author since 2010