Note editing

Alternating eighth notes and rests

How to alternate eighth notes and rests in such a way, that the beam connects the notes bridging the rest?

Edit individual notes of a chord

There are two ways:

Articulation symbols for all marked notes

Do not generate the accent via the music symbol tool (letter S on blue dot), but instead via menu format | notes/rests | notes | articulation signs.

Setting the length of beam groups

You want to change the length of automatic beam groups?

Slur shape looks terrible

If slurs are drawn wrongly (pointed curve), then please save your file, close capella and start it again.

Slur does not wrap around into the next system

Please distinguish between slur and tie, capella does it as well.

Different display in singing voice and piano roll

The bar of a singing voice contains a whole rest, while the piano roll shows a chord of whole notes.

Compressed notes

How to remove suddenly appearing compressed notes?

Delete one voice or one staff from a system

Place the cursor on the relevant voice. Select menu edit | delete | stave/voice.

Create and print an empty score sheet

You want to create and print an empty score sheet?

Entering notes with the mouse

When entering notes with the mouse and clicking too high above the staff, the note appears as belonging to the staff above.

Note stem display

The note stems are too thick or too thin?


Place holder

With a place holder you can force addidional space in your notation.

Justify margins - too many notes in the system

After setting the left and right margins, the score looks dreadful: In the right margin, some notes are suspended in midair.

Change clef

If you need to change the clef for an instrument you will have to click from system to system, and doing so all notes are octaved:


Barline display

The barlines are too thick or too thin?

Move barlines

An appropriate position of the barline is automatically determined.

Write drum rolls

Please read the manual, keyword Tremolo Bars.

Load the preferred system of notation as a default score

You want to load the preferred system of notation as a default score (for example a four-voice choir)?



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