Quick information for choir directors/choir singers

Only two out of many options...

Choir score in no time at all

  • You can quickly and easliy scan your choir sheet music - or type it in yourself.
  • When you choir would rather sing the piece a little lower: Transpose each score with one mouse click.
  • With large choir scores you create voice extractions for single voices or groups just as quickly.
  • When you are composing choir songs yourself: tonica fugata does this work for you!
    Also, tonica fugata controls your own works.
  • Our digital score library on the Internet contains secular and spiritual choir pieces in capella file format which you can edit as you like.
  • You distribute the scores via E-Mail, MP3 or on CD -  your singers practice with the free capella reader.

capella playAlong helps insecure become confident choir singers

  • Being a choir director you swiftly create a rehearsal CD or MP3 files for all voices from your capella or Midi files.
    • One by one you leave out the soprano, alto, tenor, bass.
    • You can successively put the same piece in different tempi on the CD.
    • Your singers can practice at home without stress.
    • They don't need a computer - they practice in the living room with the stereo system or in the car or...
  • When you are a singer yourself:
    • Burn a CD with the pieces you want to practice.
    • You put several versions on the same CD: With your voice in increased volume and slow tempo; in another CD track you leave out your voice and apply the origial tempo.
    • You will be more than well prepared in the next choir rehearsal!