Quick information for school musicians

Only two out of many options...

Musical work in school...

...often is like trying to square the circle:
You don't only have to give interesting and lively lessons, but you are also the musical Jack of all trades when it comes to celebrations and events.

Therefore you need tools to rid your work from tedious routine.

  • You have to copy and rewrite notes, create voices, transpose, arrange, compose, analyse, design worksheets and many more.
  • With capella we are offering the optimum working aids for all tasks.
  • The composition software tonica fugata composes three-and four-part pieces, canons, pop songs, fugues and teaches harmony.
  • Your school has a low budget? Contact us for favorable offers for schools, teachers and students.

The "score quarry"

Because the partner school from abroad is visiting, your principal would like you to play the "European anthem, as close to Beethoven as it gets" - but your orchestra is a beginners orchestra, not a symphony orchestra...

Now it's time for the Digital Score Library!

  • Use the free pool of capella scores for every orchestration, from all eras and in all genres.
  • "Copying is prohibited!" - is correct for sheet music but does not apply for capella scores as long as you edit the non-proprietary works of the old masters. In this case copying means: You are working with the common "Copy" commands of your computer and quickly turn the "Ode to Joy" into a swinging saxophone riff.