Quick information for church musicians

Only two out of many options...

Free choir and organ literature in abundance

  • The digital score library on the Internet contains preludes, fugues, motettes, chorals and many more.
  • When you are composing yourself for service: tonica fugata composes pieces for choirs, partita and even fugues in the style of J.S. Bach or Max Reger.

Create a leaflet for service in no time at all.

  • Quickly scan sheet music and lyrics with capella-scan.
  • Many hymn collections already exist as capella files.
  • When you are entering notes yourself: With capella this takes less than a minute per hymn.
  • capella's graphics toolkit allows you to ornament the score for any occasion.
  • With capella's word processing tools you design the information about service succession.
  • Or the other way round: Via capella's graphics export (not available in the small version capella start) you enter any capella score in your word processing or graphics software.
  • capella supports printing in small formats.