Quick information for music societies

Only two out of many options...

Create a score from single voices in no time at all.

When it comes to wind music, often single voices exist but there is no complete score. When you being the conductor want to know what your flugelhorn player does in measure 7 of the trio, then you need the complete score.

  • capella enables automatic assembly of any number of single voices to obtain a complete score.
  • The SystemTemplate helps you create beautiful society sheets with all information for your musicians, your score archive etc.
  • capella supports diatonic instruments like the Styrian Harmonica etc.
  • capella displays transposing instruments either in C or sounding. During playback capella considers the transposition: Everything sounds as it should.

capella playAlong helps insecure become confident players.

  • You as a conductor quickly create a CD for all musicians from your capella or Midi files.
    • One by one you leave out single instruments.
    • You can successively put the same piece in different tempi on the CD.
    • Your musicians can practice at home without stress.
    • They don't need a computer - they practice in the living room with the stereo system.
  • When you're the musician yourself:
    • Burn a CD with the pieces you want to practice.
    • You put several versions on the same CD: With your instrument in increased volume and slow tempo; in another CD track you leave out your instrument and apply the origial tempo.
    • You will be more than well prepared in the next register or tutti rehearsal!