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Quick information for trombone band directors and players

Only two out of many options...

Did you find brass band scores which you want to play with your band - but your players would rather read notes notated in C? Do you want to edit the piece for the performance level of your band?

  • Scan the score with capella-scan and open the recognized result in capella.
  • Transpose the B flat, F and E flat voices in a few steps to C.
  • Edit the piece to your liking (simplify difficult voices or transpose the whole piece to a lower key to make playing less strenuous).
  • You can print out each voice or voice group separately for high and low instruments.

A four-part piece in no time at all

You are asked to accompany a new choral in Sunday mass, but you only have the melody?

  • Enter the melody in the software tonica fugata (you can also scan the melody with capella scan or edit it in capella before opening it in tonica fugata).
  • Select a composition style: For example Jazz, Johann Seb. Bach, Samuel Scheidt.
  • tonica fugata at once writes a four-part score, if desired a wind player partita or fugue.
  • Print the result and start rehearsal.